about us

My wife and I live on a quaint livestock farm with our sweet, silly daughter and her blue-eyed kid brother.  We raise goats, chickens, and pigs. We have a few barn cats, a decent organic garden, and a hundred-year-old pear tree.

I teach, write, and do a bit of public speaking.  In addition to being an incredible mother and always making our house feel like home, my wife is extremely gifted in the areas of furniture restoration and recovery and interior design.

Together, we own and operate Phink Ink.

Take a look at our folio.  While you’ll find that we have experience and expertise in a number of areas, we specialize in web & graphic design, company branding & marketing, print media, photography…and goat cheese making (though we basically just copy my Gram’s recipe).

So enough about us.  What about you?  What projects do you have in mind?  Let’s work together, eh?


Writer | Speaker | Farmer

I spent the better part of ten years reading and writing while earning three uselessly precious degrees in English, Philosophy & Theology, which formed me into a bit of a wordsmith.  My copy is always clear, concise, articulate, and grammatically sound.  Once in awhile, I have a witty insight; sometimes, I'm even funny.  And though I'm not usually prone to bouts of expository flashiness, I am capable of properly executing the semicolon.

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Designer | Programmer | Artist

Compared to my well-spoken, well-read husband, I am a bit nerdy, drawn to the technical stuff: coding, analytics, etc. I have a degree in custom back-end Information System design, as well as a business degree focussed on Marketing Strategy & Research. This formal training, coupled with my extensive background and creative skill in front-end web design, graphics, and photography, makes me confident that I can deliver what you need to attract customers and grow your business.

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