Cenacle: from the Latin cenaculum, used in the Vulgate for the “upper room” where Jesus and the Twelve celebrated the Passover, and where they waited for the coming of the Spirit after Jesus’ resurrection.

Every month or so, a small (but growing) number of us gather to pray and share life over a meal.  To the onlooker, it would appear as any other dinner party: the hosts prepare the main entree; everyone else brings a side dish to compliment and share; adult beverages are served; sometimes the kiddies join — sometimes grandma and grandpa baby sit.

But, what’s unique about cenacle is that — while certainly spontaneous and Spirit-led — we deliberately intend to talk about Jesus Christ, about the faith, and evangelization and the Church. We ask difficult questions of one another, and challenge one another to grow in virtue and holiness.

And, whenever we can, we invite priests to join us.

We aren’t saved individually, but collectively.  We need one another to make it through the Valley of Tears.  Cenacle provides an environment for ongoing conversion and authentic conversation.

And my friends make excellent food and provide excellent beer — so that’s a bonus.

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