PSP (Professional Self Portrait)
PSP (Professional Self Portrait)

Surviving time apart can be difficult, especially for a couple about to be married!  So, to help make time more bearable, and because we both fancy ourselves amateur photographers, Sarah and I are marking the days until our wedding with daily self-portraits.  Today is day twenty-six, and we’ve both found the project challenging yet exceedingly rewarding and enjoyable.  And we’ve both become better photographers as a result.

And there’s just something special about receiving a self-portrait; the medium offers a unique perspective into one’s own self-perception and has given me the chance to look upon my beloved with her own eyes, so to speak.  Sarah and I have seen in this little project the opportunity to highlight and share what we love about ourselves with one another, and to capture, own, and come to terms with our real and perceived imperfections.

To clarify: no selfies allowed!  SLR cameras and tripods only.

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