Spidey Edie: Sidekick to the Saints
Spidey Edie: Sidekick to the Saints

Whatever your interest in The Avengers, Batman vs. Superman, the Fantastic Four, I can say without hesitation that my daughter is a genuine superhero(ine).  Her supernatural endowments include the following abilities:

— Ability to suspend and animate all four appendages off the ground simultaneously and indefinitely.

— Ability to fall asleep in less than two seconds and keep others awake twenty hours straight.

— Ability to fill a diaper with more liquid content than actually exists inside the human body.

— Ability to melt heart with just a smile or coo.

And her costume of choice?  Well, as is the case with many a superhero: by day, she keeps a low profile, blending in with the average citizen baby: mostly the onesie.  But by night, she transforms into the sleep-sack crusader.  Breaking from tradition, however, she elects to have her costume changed frequently, a request she conveys to us in the form of projectile vomiting and/or “poopsplosions” (think “poop” + “explosion”).

Far beyond her extraordinary physical superhuman powers, however, Edie fits fully the superhero mold in her commitment to combatting daily injustices and legitimate threats to humanity.  For instance, she makes me less selfish; she keeps me off my cell phone and off my laptop and off my lazy butt.  She lifts my despairing heart when I’m weighed down with earthly cares and concerns.  She demands of me patience, kindness, generosity, creativity; she elicits from me love and affection.  She reminds me often that, in the end, only a few things really matter, and all of those things are real things.

I hope that our little one will be inspired more by St. Faustina than by Firestorm; that she will seek to imitate Kateri Tekakwitha more than Katness Everdeen.

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