I’d be honored to speak at your next event.  Contact me at brian@phinkink.com if you are interested.  Some of my topics are listed below.

Vocation: An Unnecessary Mystery

Based in part on my own discernment and on the profound insights offered by Fr. Richard Butler, O.P.’s in a book entitled Religious Vocation: An Unnecessary Mystery, this talk provides both encouragement and concrete, practical advice for young men and women considering a call to the priesthood or consecrated life.

Christian Apologetics 101

A basic instruction in the five key aspects of Christian Apologetics: 1) The goal of any argument 2) Formulating strong arguments and recognizing weak ones; 3) Asking vs. Answering; 4) Talking about Christ without talking about Christ; 5) Winning a soul vs. winning an argument.

Witnessing to the Good News

In this talk, Brian provides a practical, step-by-step approach to sharing the Gospel using the narrative of one’s own personal faith journey.

Faith, Farming & Fatherhood

A reflection on marriage, fatherhood, and raising pigs.

Pursuing Authentic Love: What is Sex For?

Focussing on the gift and responsibility of human sexuality, Brian addresses — with honesty and personal testimony — a variety of topics, including: chastity, pornography, the natural law, healthy friendships.

What are People For?

Based in part on Wendell Berry’s essay collection of the same title, this talk touches upon the teleology of the human person, designed by God, for God.  More specifically, Brian touches upon two key concepts: the purpose of work and the purpose of leisure.

Intentional Discipleship After the Example of St. Francis Xavier

Taking instruction from the preaching and evangelical zeal of St. Francis Xavier, we consider how to live intentionally for Christ in an increasingly hostile culture.  This talk offers insights into how to cultivate an authentically Christian identity at home, at the workplace, and online; we also consider ways in which to strengthen bonds among Christians so as to foster mutual support and encouragement.